VIP & Private Jet Catering

VIP & Private Jet Catering

We know that the sophisticated traveler expects a sophisticated menu and presentation – from how the meal is plated, to selection of greens in the salad, to the types of cheeses offered to accompany the dessert course. Airport Catering chefs work with you on every critical detail, so that your menus are outstanding in every way – from recipe selection and refinements, through food safety and hygiene, to the final in flight presentation – all while adhering to your budget parameters and specifications

Menus that Are An Extension of Your Brand

  • VIP class catering

Airport Catering draws on our superior culinary talent to offer you a premium solution for in-flight dining for Business Class travelers.
We have a team of top chefs whose primary responsibility is providing to your Business passengers an in flight dining experience that can rival some of the finest restaurants.

  • Economy/Business catering/Charter flights

Our chefs will help you add distinctive touches to each and every convenience meal, working within the specifics of your menu. Their professional training and experience combine to provide you with a wealth of creative yet practical ideas, to turn ordinary in flight dining into an extraordinary experience for your passengers.
We fully realize that in flight catering can be the defining point in a passenger’s flight experience. While we work with you to design and execute a meal that meets your requirements, we also keep in mind that it needs to please the passenger.

  • Crew catering

At Airport Catering, we are fully aware how your crew stuff is important to you.
We know they deserve the best quality and we will pay full attention to keep them satisfy on every flight. Crew meal for your stuff will be the best solution, which would provide the optimal combination of best quality ingredients, while keeping a great taste and uncompromising food serving.

vip catering

Quality dining is no small matter. In fact, a meal with us is cause for celebration. For massive smiles and heaps of enjoyment. For making memories that are worth keeping forever. Take a seat, and get ready to celebrate. It all starts with incredible food that’s big on flavour.

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The art of making food

At Airport Catering, we believe that the making – and enjoyment – of food is an art. Through our meals made with love, we want to bring to our clients the best that our culinary traditions have to offer.