Airline Catering

Airline Catering

We know that the sophisticated traveler expects a sophisticated menu and presentation – from how the meal is plated, to selection of greens in the salad, to the types of cheeses offered to accompany the dessert course. Airport Catering chefs work with you on every critical detail, so that your menus are outstanding in every way – from recipe selection and refinements, through food safety and hygiene, to the final in flight presentation – all while adhering to your budget parameters and specifications.

Facility location, our property is based on runaway (air side zone of Airport Belgrade), pretty uniqe.  We are very effition, in position to be very fast. 24h/7 operations.

ABC is established in 1952, we have over 60 years of proud history. Main contracts  are Etihad (from 2012 ongoing), Air Serbia (from 2013 ongoing), contracts attached.

Company is working according leading industry standards, which are proved by appropriate certificates, licenses and audits.

The most important documents issued for our company are:

• HACCP Certificate, issued by leading Swiss company SGS

• Certificate of Security in Airline industry issued by Civil Authority Directorate, Serbia

• License by Ministry of Agriculture to import and warehouse food from EU

• License by Customs Authority of Serbia to warehousing duty free products

• Last Audit by Lufthansa – LSG Sky Chefs with maximum 100 points awarded for process audit

• Audit by Transportation Security Administration – U.S. Department of Homeland Security, with approval to provide catering services for long haul flights to U.S.A.

Ancillary Services

Apart from our core business, which includes preparation of meals for scheduled, charter Airlines and general aviation, our company is providing part of ground handling services to our clients.

  • Laundry Service
    At you disposable, any laundry, dishswashing, standard and dry cleaning.
  • Reading Material
    Supply and Distribution: 750 Newspapers in 26 languages,  from 60 countries
  • Flower arrangements
    Our florist will be pleased to accommodate any special request and will supply custom creations to suit the size and colour of your cabin. Fresh flower arrangements can also be created for your own vases.

The art of making food

At Airport Catering, we believe that the making – and enjoyment – of food is an art. Through our meals made with love, we want to bring to our clients the best that our culinary traditions have to offer.