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Company Information

Airport Catering is the largest independent provider of airline catering and provisioning services in Serbia, with production capacity of over 30.000 meals per day. Located at privileged Belgrade Airport zone, few steps from the international gates, Airport Catering is proud caterer provider for reputable international and domestic airline companies.

  • Facility location, our property is based on runaway (air side zone of Airport Belgrade), pretty unique. We are in position to be very effective 24h/7 operations
  • ABC is established in 1952. We are proud on over 60 years of our history.
  • Main contracts are Etihad (from 2013 ongoing), Air Serbia (from 2013 ongoing), contracts attached
  • Production capacity is 30.000 full meals
  • Key assets are ownership of air side building, high loaders, kitchen equipment
  • Key certificates are HALAL 100% production, HACCP by SGS, Civil Aviation Authority

Daily meals

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Quality and Food Safety

From concept creation and food preparation to passenger satisfaction, we have an outstanding track record when it comes to quality. Quality, safety and security are fundamental priorities to the company and it has comprehensive management structures, policies, values and principles that focus on these issues.

The day-to-day operations are governed by strict quality standards and systems that live up to both airline customer and passenger expectations on a consistent basis, while meeting all applicable international and regional laws and regulations:

  • Certificate issued by Civil Aviation Directorate in  2006,  according to which Airport Catering has permit to provide catering services to all domestic/international airlines at Airport Nikola Tesla
  • HACCP standard was implemented in 2006, issued by reputable Swiss institute SGS. Every year SGS is conducting audit of the HACCP certificate.
  • Halal meals are offered from 2010 in cooperation with Halal Serbia, in order to provide special meals to clients’ specific requirements.

The art of making food

At Airport Catering, we believe that the making – and enjoyment – of food is an art. Through our meals made with love, we want to bring to our clients the best that our culinary traditions have to offer.